Hurry up and wait

This is the subject matter which most of us are experiencing in our day to day life. You may not have think about it before. Try to remember you would find out many time you have come across with this type of phenomenon.

For example we reached the bus stop in a very hurry but what you do after reaching there? You don't have anything to do except waiting the bus. 

Also, during the time of college class we reached to class as we thought Lecture has entered the class but most of time have to wait outside more than hours or further longer some time.
How much time should I wait?

Most of student those who give attention towards study completed their assignment within the submission date later what happen is that submission date is postponed, they just have to wait longer to checked out their works from lecture. They have done that all in hurry but they have to wait to get checked. They want's appreciation from teacher but they could get that. Some time they may have loss already what they had done and all they have to do is repeat the work. I don't mean not to do your work in time, but kept your work safely. In addition to that those who does later on prepared a nice assignment taking a reference from many other fast doer. So, here waiting one wins the race. But it may not right always.
Let's talk about the hurry up and wait phenomenon in the hospital. When you hurriedly reached to Hospital with the patients with specific disease which can be looked by specific doctors if he had gone out side you have to wait until s/he return back or may be s/he within the hospital but may be busy in a critical surgery or in very important work do they give you time? If yes, it's OK. You need not have to wait otherwise there is no option remain other than to wait until s/he get free for you.

It's most often in the government office when you reached there you hardly get your work done instantly. They longify the time required to accomplish the piece of work. They directed from one table to next though it can be done by themselves. In this situation don' you have to wait although you have reach hurriedly for your work to have completed quickly. It's OK sometimes as most of time they are in holidays or remain outside the office. In that situation you don't need to only wait you should get return back.

When we talk about the traffic condition of our country or similar where no. of vehicle is higher than the road capacity the traffic jam occured so there we get the same hurry up and wait. 

Peace for Work

It's hard to get a peaceful environment for doing personal works.
Need peaceful environment for effective work.
Do you have peaceful environment to do your personal work? Is your working place comfortable to your work?

The working place or environment is suitable or not that varies with respective to your work you have to perform. For example, you can copy your notes to your notebook listening to music and with some people around that don't disturb you a lot with respect to reading or learning on the same situation.

Many officer in the office can't work in their own way. They are planning to do the work in a way, their boss ordered them to do in other ways somewhat uninteresting and tedious process. If the boss don't have knowledge about the way you did he won't accept yours as he had to become boss of you all. Then boss gives his instruction to other staffs and order to follow as stated as his/her willingness is to remain always higher than the junior staff.

This type of situation not only present in the office only. It's happen in our day to day life and most of us have experienced it every day. Either this may happen to your house or in your hostel or anywhere in your field. When you are full devoted in your work someone asked you to do another work first or the same work in another way.

How do you feel in this situation?

You can't work in peace for a while it's generally happen when you are working in crowed area or when you are frequently asked to do something other than the work you involved in and sometimes some may ask questions frequently and stay with you talking either that matters with your work or not that is ultimately disturbing you. You feel you are not working as you wish that means you are not getting a sound environment to get an efficient output from your work.

At home it may be your brother, sister, son, daughter or your family wants to remain in your close letting you no free time for some creative work which required a peaceful environment.

It's the most challenging problem most of us facing this kind of problems.  We should overcome this problem so that we can get some kind of success through the best result from our efficient work. Otherwise our creativity of creating ideas, opinion & thought would all get ruined.

So, what should we think about?

1. Separate your time for family some specific time when there would be very less chance to get a peaceful environment.

2. Complete other works which are separated for you or the works which are under your responsibilities before sitting down to do something that may be writing, drawing, sketching, or doing any other kind of assignment. So, there would be less chance of getting disturb.

3. Told your parents or family that you required a quite environment to do the work efficiently.

4. If you have a regular visitors then say them that you would remain busy for that interval of time. So, you need not to get out of work until we get something idea for the work or the work completed or portion of it.

Wish you would have peaceful environment to work when you provide peaceful environment to them to do their work. 

Irritating me???

Are you irritating me? me??
What's gone a wrong with you? What's your problems?
Stop irritating me anymore.
If you are one which only give attention towards your work and don't have habit of doing something else other than works or say you are not interested in other people and their works. You may not have habit of talking with other in same kind of silly way. You may not have habit of teasing intentionally to friends or other people.

But what would you do when somebody intentionally teased you and you get disturbed in your work?
How you react with such people?
How would you get rid of this kind of people?
These are some question which we most of us should know about it and should have come across with it. Some of your friends might have troubling you when you are not even interacted with them or speak anything about them. They have the habit of teasing friends. They get pleasure when they are irritating other and if responses are soft and gentle they would get fonder with that. They think they are success on irritating them.

So, what you think to get rid of these people? You should follow some of my suggestion I hope this would work to solve your this kind of problems.

1. You should be far from these kind of people as far as possible. If you can't do that don't do more interaction with them.

2. Pretend you are busy in your own work and give almost non attention to them so they won't return back again or they don't find interesting teasing you or irritating as you won't give any reaction as your attention won't longer to them.

3. If you are fail with the above ways to keep them silent then it's better to warn them not to behave you like that otherwise their won't friendship with you.

Few Close Friends

Most of people when they have to take name of friends who they have talk with and have good relation then they have hardly remembered the name of few friends. Although s/he had met with lots of school & college friends, friends met during journey, many childhood friends, etc. but they can't take their name as they are not close enough that s/he can trust them.
Close friends are those friends who would be in your side when you need them.

Why people felt lonely having all these no. of friends?

Some feels lonely or become alone in the circle of many friends as they could not found individual that matches them. It's happen to those who can't establish good relationship with other people either because they couldn't accept others activities or they can't bring other close enough to make them accept her/his doing.

These kinds of people less involved in social sites or say less open to the public but loves talking with few people privately. They behaves them as they are their most trustful friends. They like to share their feeling and opinions to them.

I am also one of these kind.

So, through my experiences also I found that these kinds of people inspired from them to do anything good. These silent looking people wants to remain more in touch with them. They feel uneasy if they couldn't talk with close friends for little longer.

Although their partners don't response they won't stop sending message or keep trying to remain in touch.

So, I would like to suggest to those who ignore the closeness of somebody with few close ones are spoiling the trust over themselves done by them.

While you are ignoring someone don't forget that what if those to whom you are pretending to close stop responding you?

Everybody should respect everybody filling and opinion.

Here, I am trying to say is that we should give more priority while respecting to those who respect you the most and trust a lot then other many friends. If anyone response to them by even a single words or greeting their face for whole day remain bright and fill with joy. They don't need larger event to happen to get happy they feel happy in a small achievement.

They just try to bring smile in the face of people in their contact although he couldn't do more, always thinks about their success and tries to support either by action or by emotional support.

Here, it's not better to mention name of some friends who don't reply to message when they gone online but simply answered lately they were busy when asked repeatedly.

Question yourself, Can't you give sometime to those who trust and loves you more from their inner heart? It's OK, there mightn't have time always. Have you ever think about them when spending time on leisure?

"They" is used instead of "I" here in this post as not only me is one facing this problem. 
I would be sad if anyone ignores like that to me.

I won't stop asking or trying you contact every next times hoping I would get response this time.
Hope nobody (at least me) would face this problem afterwards.

It's all because I have a close friend.

Don't know I am a close friend for her/him.

Why to have a personal website

Every time when I meet any person who looks friendly always suggest to create his/her personal website. Some of them like it and most of them do like "Tati matra ta janako xas". Creating a website is easy task. I am pretty sure that I won't take longer than preparing a good assignment for class. And being the citizen on Nepal it is easy to get free good looking domain.
I have my personal site.

Having a personal website has many benefits. You can express and publish your opinion on yourselves to the public. It's not required to depend on other to make it published in any website. Indeed each should have with their personal site in this age. It's not always better to express or give your opinion in social sites. The opinion or ideas you posted on social sites limits only within your circle. Everyone wishes to spread their views, ideas and opinion to entire world thus for that the only thing you need is your own site. Whenever you need to give some information to many people at a time it's not better to mail or message to everyone instead you can provide the receiver your site address. This makes you easier and conserve your valuable time which can be utilize in other productive works.

If anyone interested to have a personal website and in search of support for that feel free to contact me.

Personal website makes you more creative as you can get a good plateform to express your feeling not only that but also you can informed about your finding, results from your research or either your experiences during your visit. You not need to follow any strict format to give your opinion. It's like you are talking to yourself which would be heard after long as an echo by yourself and others anybody interested. If you are a good writer then it is one of the best place to show your talent. If your words are not expressed than your creativity lost within you. So, live a meaningful life, surviving is not an achievement, animal also survive the life. We everyone are with our respective talent when would you get to know what exactly we individual can do if till you can't find out. I am sure when you begin to expresses your views and opinion it's reflects your interest, your field of interest and you would begin to enjoy on your works.
There is a saying when you share your sorrow it reduced to half and if you share your happiness it become double. What's in your mind come up with start converting into words.
What are you thinking about? You can begin it today. Why not have a personal site then? Why don't we be smarter? It's not only for established people or higher organization. Don't we have our words to express? If yes, Why should do late for that work? Make mind you would have your own site and work for it from today.
Thanks !!!

Things you should know you and the Internet

Hello Environment lovers, Here I want to share somethings with you. That it would be better if you have some information about this. I know most of you know all those things mentioned below and I remember among you some of you suggest me to go in IT sector. I this post I try collect some comment mistakes and things you should care about.

Your Email and online Accounts

Your email is your identity, the Best and ever lasting communication system. Most of you think me a silly guy that I write these things. But I had seen such mistakes on some of the peoples that is why I want to write. The common mistake (Generally made by Too sojo manxe) while creating account on some other site you need to provide your Email and Need to select a Strong Password not that of your email login.
I remember a Bachelor passed student providing the same password same as the login password for their email server. He said, "they asked my email and password so I provide."
Don't Forget these Things:

  • Never to set Same password for two different account in different site. You may think your password are saved as Encrypted. Yes they are but It would not be so hard to broke that encryption. How could you trust anyone online.
  • Don't Save password in Browsers for your Sensitive accounts Login. Like Online Banking, your email, your debit Card details.
  • While Login always Check Browser Address bar Be sure that you are on the expected URL.

Think Before you Click.
Phishing (spoofed) Sites

This is the most common way people get access to your account. Those sites looks like a real site and if you login through this password they can get your account details. Just don't forget to Check the Browser address bar to conform the URL is your Expected one. People send message like "Please Like / share this post. My friend is losing with 3 likes" And a link. If you click you need to login. they get what you Need.


Remember some comment features of Browsers. If you login form any Public PC don't forget to Logout or Better way is Clearing the Browsers data. Browsers like Chrome allow to create multi user in a browser so Just create new user do your work and delete it. For Browsing sites those you want to be listed in history Just open Incognito. After you close the browser everything will be cleared. And if you need to some suspected links right click and select Open link in Incognito window.

Key Logger

Key Logger Records every key stocks through keyboard so. Check if any other suspected Software is running. Use Virtual keyboard when ever possible.


I cannot write all the things I wished to write while I started writing. But the only things is just don't get back to learn what ever it is. There is nothing to loose you may can get some things. Update and correction by authors is always accepted. I try my Best to express what I want to inform. Have Good Days!

Cycling my passion

Cycle is a means of transport in most parts of plain region since many years back. This means of transport is cheaper so many mid-class people use it for travelling shorter distance.
I do cycling. And you?

The cycling is nowdays increase its popularity as it also helps to reducing environment pollution or its better to say it is pollution free means of transport. The advocates of environment conservation and protection talks about benefits to environment as well when it's benefited to the health of person using cycle.

Cycling is benefited to our health. As it's best way to reduce various disease causes by passive life style. Nowdays, active life style is reducing day by day as works and communication among people can be done from the room. Job holder in an office is usually get busy in his work for total days so they have insufficient time for physical exercise so for those type of people. It makes fit only by utilizing our time in between home to office or place of working and vice versa. If we prefer cycling rather than a public transport or car or bike it provides you with sound health and also help to keep your environment. You can even prevent loss of your money from your pocket for fuel purpose that can be utilized for fulfillment of other vital needs. You can also save your money for medical treatment as you would get fitter and your immuno system get more stonger to fight against simple viral diseases. There would no chance of getting over weight nor so weak. It is helpful to keep you in a right and balanced condition.  

Why Forestry ?

Actually, I had never thought I would join in Forestry during early childhood.
I am from mid-class family of Lumle village and my parents were not from well academic background. They didn't know about protection and conservation of environment at all. So, there was no chance that I had been inspired from family to join in Forestry. But indirectly I have to say I was being inspired as my parents never give any pressure to study this or that.
During my childhood I remember in my village there was plenty of resource and was enough to fulfill people's need but when I came to Lekhnath I observe and experience the scarcity of resources and increasing pollution. I got to know it's all due to increased population and human activities during study in school.
I had once participate in a program about importance of wetland and had written an essay about it. From that day onwards I have been thinking about to contribute for environment conservation and protection so to live a healthy living.
When I joined +2 I had to face pollution a lot on the way which helps to grow my thought to involve in environment conservation. So, my talking among friends always remained about how to control the pollution and environment degradation and concluded on any strict law to control population, increase protected areas, plantation alongside of roads, use of electric vehicles, stopping desertification, etc.
Around the end of 12 many friends have expressing their own interest but I was not sure until I get to know my field of interest. I found Forestry is best field for me as my dream would only be true when I join Forestry which is totally related to protecting and conserving natural environment. It's when I talked with brother studying forestry in IOF, Pokhara. It's like I found what I want.
Entering deeper into forest.
Then, I decide to join preparation classes (of mbbs) in Kathmandu so that it would make easier (for forestry) to me to compete with other competitors. Competition increases when students prepared for competitive exam apply for forestry and makes difficult for students who are really willing to join. When I got prepared then I applied for Forestry.
With good marks I am able to list my name with in scholarship list. I got too much happy at that time. I always get my wished fulfilled but a bit patience and continuity is required. If wishes I made got fulfilled than why I am not doing because it's my weakness. The bigger the wishes you made the more hard labourious and more patience you should be.
Still I am not able to do, what I have aimed I to do. I am not able to contribute for protection and conservation of nature. I still in the mid ways to my target.

Somehow although it's in negligible amount I am in side of minimizing emission of greenhouse gases through controlling the burning of fossils fuels. So, using bicycle for up and down.

Third Year Second Semester

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