Any Idea? No Idea.

We have to face a situation when people hopes you more than you are capable or willling to do something work done. You are forced to do or react though you are unaware of the material on which you are in talk. You may have enter the circumstances by anyway.

But you like to change this all but don't get anyway to get out of it. When you don't have any idea to get out of it you would get stucked within for remaining time of your life.

This sorts of problems and trobles are seen in most of the people. This problem don't lead an individual to get success in any field as he don't get concentrated in any work. Your mind becomes blank and dull so acts in a slow way. We live in the way we used to be but difficult to change but you need to make sure something positive need to be changed. Changing might not comfort the mind. Its like our mind get jammed.

Sometimes an easy task might be the most difficult for any body else which creates frustation on us. This type of situation might experience by many of us. It's hard to get out of mind and think some new innovative ideasand to get back into the mind is really the most difficult action that we need to perform that what we felt but actually it's the easiest. We live in that environment which don't let us to think freely and open mindly. So, I can say many of us go through this problems actually. Most of people came across the same troblems.

Now, we need to focus on "Why" we need to get out of box that don't let our mind get out of to think a new ideas. We felt somehow safer to stay as it is then to take a step ahead that might be diffierent environment which might not be suitable for us to live in the same way as it is. Is it necessary to have an idea 

Rainfall reminds you!

It's raining all day. It's cold as temperatures lowers after rain. And I am here alone.

Rains keep raining. You keep on running in my mind.

Rains reminds you always. It's like you are rain and rain is you.

Though you are not in close with me now but I felt you are near looking at me from somewhere else.

I have not forget that day which still fresh in my mind.

That rainy day,  I remember as it was. The memory is still fresh.

I found you loves rain then till that day I begin to enjoy the rain even more.

It is always the amazing time to be with you. But that day meant more for me than as usual.

When you step down from the bus and directed towards me with a wide smile and brigher face that makes me felt I am only the luckiest guy to have a friend like you.

Wind was blowing gently and dust and dirt were flying it was going to rain sooner. We are moving ahead along the disty and crowded and noisy road but experience the most peaceful and calm because of you.

You really have a magic at least for me if rest of the world don't belive.

Till the day I met you I have always a brillant time. I never have to be sad any more. You brings a happiness in my life. Till I remain in your range of contact or inflluence I will always have my every action done very well. You are the source of inspiration from me. I always tries my best to becomes a good and honest gentleman.

Hardly we can manage some time in a long interval that also last only for a short movement which are some basis for keeping us together.

That day meeting also held after long but it's really amazing though rain tries to interference the movement.

But it went quiet in favour of us or better say to me. It's amazing to me to have an opportunities to use a single umbrella with the most pretty lady in the world I ever seen.

The rainfall helps us to bring us sufficiently close to each other. The interval when we are in touch remain fresh and unforgetable.

After some time of walking along the road the rain somehow claming and it's been time to departe each other but that feelings makes me felt she still in my left side.

Rain keeps us more closer as every time it rains as I thought the very time you are in my side.

Rainfall reminds you to me what reminds me to you pretty!

Foreign Dream

What you are dreaming to do when you complete your +2 or bachelor degree?

If I was correct most of you are dreaming to go abroad in foreign country for better study plus job oppurtunities. Most of people especially youth are foreign dreamer.

When the same question is asked among students  many of them come answer with they would go to abroad for higher education or for job opportunities. These all people's ideology is mostly found in the citizen's of developing nations.

This modern Era of 21st century has made all the people a global citizen and a young energetic youth from a developing country don't like to confirm within country where they are not well able to get opportunity to learn in detail on subject matter they are interested or don't get a field to show up their talent then Foreign contry means the developed country moves around their mind and think they would so better if they can reached to those country in their reapective field of interest.
There might be various reasons for people dreaming towards the foreign nations.  Here, I tried to clearify some of the reasons among them. 

Firstly, Attraction may be the first reason and also a important reasons behinds the foreign dream of the people. Foreign countries especially developed countries like U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, various European countries, middle east Asia countries are under the selection of most of people. These countries are able to attrack large no. of people towards them as they provides the various oppurtunity of jobs, quality education, provieds modern facilities and services. In search of luxurious life and to life a pleasure life people's like to enter those countries. Developed countries are like Dream lands to most of people of developing and least developed nation. These lands provides necessity of different people and also fulfill the desires of different kinds of people. So, these have been the spot of attraction for foreign dreamers.

Many people are willing to have a good income to support their family whereas developed nation are paying good sums of money to the workers from outside their contry. The developed nations demands the workers from the developing country and most of the people of the developing are eager to join in the project or development activities in developed country to have good sums of return as wages. The income is regarded as good income in comparision to the income within the nation. Since the unemployment is also to high in developing and especially in least developed countries they always have foreign dream as an alternatives. It is also dreams as their is no any other best alternatives to have better income and to uplift their family economic condition.

The no. of student going abroad in foreign nation is increasing these days as the foreign degree is regarded as the high standard degree and world wide accepted degree. The oppurtunities seeking groups of students are travelling foreign nation and most have grown foreign dream in their mind to have a qualitative education. To have a foreign degree is regarded as to unlock opportunities all ovet the world or to unlock opportunities to have a work all around the world. 

The skilled manpower produced by a least developed and developing nation mostly migrate to foreign nation as they are provided with better income oppurtunities and facilities than in their native countries. Many developed contries try to kept all the skilled manpower with in their nation they also tries to faciliates the skilled and technical manpower from other nation so that their country get more benifities from their works as well. If people reached to developed country and learn more and sharpen the skills would get back to their under developed county then that actually is more profitable to that nation when skillls they earned is well utilized in the progress of nation. 

What ever the dreams you have after the complition of it you anyone from less developed nation who has gone to developed nation should return to their own nation instead of staying their permanently because that nation has mande you and you should be responsible to make that nation. 

Dedicated to people who are in foreign land and who are willing to go once.

Wish your foreign dreams turns into Reality if you have.

Any feedback comment below. 

Happy Life Formula

Life is happy if you take it as a matter of happiness and it become worst if you take it as a matter of trouble. Many people are not happy in this world because they only observed troubles or obstracles which may occurs due to various reasons.

People have a misconcept that once a person sinks in the pond of sorrow they don't think life can be turn into happy state again.

Those who thought they are all bounded by trobles and it is impossible to turn their life again into state of pleasure or happy state are the wrong people as you can made the life much better and happier than before.

I will try to share some of the tips in this article as far I know which might be helpful to you to turns your boring days towards the happy days and eventually your life into more pleasant and joyful life.

Happiness is the state of mind. If your mind is in the state of pleasure then you can felt a pleasant life.

So, you need to keep your mind in state of happiness.

What  should you do to keep your mind in state of happiness?
There are some ways through which it is helpful to fix to your state of mind to keep it in state of happiness.

Here, are some which will be explained.

1) Be in state of calmness:

If you are restless and your mind loaded with various problems associated with your work or with the circumstances you live in then the first thing you have to do is try to remain in the calm area away from these all if possible for short time around half hours daily or a day in a week out of these all unpleasnt circumstances and situation.

Make your mind fresh or try to keep it cool in state take fresh water time to time to keep you fresh. Smile to everyone.

Don't let your mind to think negative to anyone else. You have to respect the success of people around you. Competition is on yourself if you win youself each day after day you would finally reached to destination instead of focusing to down others.

Make a habit of taking fresh clean drinking every morning and before bed and 3/4 times during day time. Sufficient water makes your brain fuctioning well and help you thinks rationaly.

2) Make sure your aim:

Do work as per your interest. Don't follow other the way they move may be perfect to them but not to you. Make your own way to move ahead so that you don't need to worry on your work you have completed.

Your every action should be directed towards your aims. Each of your action should contribute for achieving although that may be small but the change should be positive and inspiring to move ahead.
Spending times on other activities might loss your time and wealth which would be difficult to overcome it.

If it is already late to get into a track it is better to decide to take a right path as it is better to do late than doing never.

Always keeps the things that inspired you to move on towards your aim in a place you regularly can observed so that it help you to recall your dream. And it is also better to share your good friends about your doing and your progress as well that would help you to get some feedback that would helpful to carry out that action in a different and easier way.

3) Make yourself a determinant Person:

Don't get distract by other people, while moving ahead. There are many distraction comes in life in different forms which you have to recognize before it harm to us on moving ahead,

You may get good oppurtunity which seems more profitable and availble easily without hard labour so you may miss your tract and loss your dreams.

Happiness is not lies in achieving something, it is when travelling with struggle to get some mission accomplished.

The life time is sufficient for achieving any goal if you focused in towards the goal and work accordingly otherwise the life time is too short even to achieve a small goal.

4) Happy with success of Other:

If you happy in other success than you would get good support from them. It is like Tit for Tat.
People won't support you or celebrates your success if you ignore theirs.

Whatever you do should based on win win thereom i.e. all people around you as well as you will get success so that type of success is sustainable and long term profitable.

If you don't like the success done by other than you only involve in making the person down, your movement towards mission would retarded or stop moving forward instead it retard from your initial position.

The compitition is with in you keep on compititing within yourself. The main reason of unhappiness is comparing personal progress with other infact which is incompariable.

The day when you left to be unpleasant on other people progress then your life you get happy in reality.

We have many things to keeps us happy but we always thinks about what we don't have. For example you have 99 things you have to keep you happy but you get sad and become unhappy in absent of one things. You may have everthing for day to day life but may not have a car and you are sad for that, you may not have a motorcycle(bike), a good friend, or anything else. Forget what you don't have it would be with you when the time turns in favour of you. Be happy there are many reason you can be happy. You have eye to see, hand to do works, family to share problems, friends helps in trouble, etc.

Act positivly.

Be positive.

New Year 2074 B.S.

The New Year 2074 B.S. is being celebrated all over Nepal, India and people of Nepal all over the world as it is nationally used Era. It is called a Vikram Samvat. In short V.S. or B.S.

Vikram Samvat was started in 58/57 B.C. which is also known for Hindhu Calender. The Era was named after the King Vikramaditya.

Vikram samvat is 56.7 years faster then the Gregorian Calender. This Year 2074 B.S. starts in 2017 A.D. and ends in 2018 A.D. The year in Vikram Samvat starts in around mid of April of current running year of Gregorian Calender and ends in around mid of April of next year of Gregorian Calender.

The First Month of Vikram Samvat is Called Baisakh (Vaisakh). Then, Jestha, Ashard, Shrawan, Bhadra, Ashwin, Kartik, Mangsir, Poush, Magh, Falguan and Chaitra are the month preceeding onwards.

The first day of the Year that is 1st of Baisakh is celebrated with joy. In Bhaktapur it is celebrated with conducting Bisket Jatra.

In Nepal, Rana Rulers made Vikram Samvat as their official calender.

Classical Vikram Samvat uses a lunar months and solar sideral year. As 12 lunar month does not matches with solar sideral year so, some correctional month is added or subtracted occasionally.

In addition to the day of months it also includes the lunar day (thithi) in the calender based on the position of moon with respect to sun. The lunar day may start and end in different part of the day. There are 15 lunar days before full moon and 15 lunar days before new moon. The length of lunar day may varies from 19 hours to 26 hours.

Rare One-horn Rhino Found Death in Nepal

Rare One-horned Rhino is found death in the Chitwan National Park in 2nd April, 2017. The Rhino was shot dead by the poachers which shows threats to the Endangered Species. This is a very unpleasant news to the conservationist.

The dead male Rhino was found with it's horn gouged out and the tail was removed. Chitwan is the important habitat of Rhino. But the Chitwan National Park is again came into threat.

Nepal has made a good example in the conservation of endangered Rhino species which is the subject matter to learn by rest of the world which are in the track to conservation of natural resources or wildlife resources. Nepal has been praised by vorious organization that works for the conservation of these Biodiversity of the Earth and to keep balance ecosystem.

The loss of wildlife or biodiversity of most of the developing countries might be due to various reasons. Some of the major resons that might have caused poaching types of activities increased are stated as below. They are:

1) Poverty: Many people in the developing Nation are under poverty line and most of people depends directly on the natural resources for fulfilling their basic needs. They don't have alternatives than to use these as to run their livelihood.The the people are poor the more possibility of exploitation of natural resources. People cuts down and cleared forest for fodder purpose, for building cottage and to trasfer the forest land into the agriculture land. Conservation and protection are not possible under poverty. The conservation without local benefits is not as effective as it should be.

2) Unemployment: This reason somehow associates with the poverty but unemployment also plays an vital role in the destruction of biodiversity or this creates a challenge for the proctection of biodiversity of the Earth as a whole. Unemployment creates a diffulcult to run their livelihood in a smooth way so if people don't get any job to do then they are force to do poaching types of illegal activities just only to feed their family and fulfill their basic needs. Actually they don't get much economical profit.

3) Unsecurity: The security around Protected area is not well found as it need to be which is proved by this poached activities recently observed in National Park. The developing country don't have enough budget for the protection and preservation of biodiversity of the place. The wildlife are in extreme risk as government can't provide necessary security in the protected area. The main focus of the developing countries are towards the development of infrastructure of the nation and programmes related to increase peoples social and ecolomical status.

4) Illiterate: People with less knowlege are not consious about the importance of wildlife and they mostly belives in their traditional belives and follow their rituals and culture. However in many religion their is the respect to the nature but they don't know about exact reason why they need to cosserve them and any inconvenient may occurs if they are not protected wisely. People are not concious about the concicoincess that they come due to carelessness. Activities only directed toward the benefities of people may give some benefities to the people for short period of time but  conservationa and protection of wildlife and biodiversity as a whole is more fruitful to human being as well for long interval of time.

If you think their might be other reason that might have encourage the poachers then you can mentioned it below in the comment box.

Rhino Trasnlocation to Shuklaphata

Chitwan National Park is the only dominant Habitat for the one horned rhinocerous in Nepal. They have been under conservation from the local support as well as aids from various conservational agencies. But while they are restricted in a small patch that is only in Chitwan in that large no. there might be to much risk of loss of this valuable species if any unusal clamities occurs.

So, it is equally important to expand its natural habitat as it's to protect it from poaching and illegal trading its organs (esp. horn of rhino). The translocation help in the conservation of the species for the long term as when they are limited to only a small part then its losses heterogeneity in their gene and a superior offspring can't obtained as they becomes genetically weak. The Rhinoceros translocate to another region that might to the Shuklaphata wild life reserve have generated the behaviors for adapting the changing habitat. This widespread types of habitat makes them familiar with the wide range of habitat and can survive in extremities and changing environment.
Rhino translocated from Chitwan NP to Bardia NP

Nepal has trans-located 87 rhinos to Bardia National Park and 4 rhinos in Shuklaphata Wildlife Reseve (now National Park) in 2003 and the rhinos are well adapting in that environment. Before 2003 there were 5 rhinos translocated in Bardia National Park and only one present in Shuklaphata Wildlife Reserve. Now, the conservationist are focused on how rhino population can be increased and they came in conclusion that Bardia and Shuklaphata are the best location habitat for spreading the Rhino Population and conserve the ecology required for it. So, National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) authoritize decide to translocate 5 Rhinos in to Shuklaphata National Park.

Translocation is not the easy task. Translocation does not only holds shifting a wildlife of a habitat to another with the similar characteristic as original habitat to avoid the completion in the original habitat and maintain population of the original place. Before trans-locating a wildlife a deep study has to be done in detail that which cover its all habit, interest, preference and similarity of habitat types should be taken into consideration. Habitat suitability is checked well before we take a bold decision on translocation of that examined species. Habitat suitability index is prepared on the basis of numbering to the site quality. The site quality with ideal condition to the species is numbered higher and regarded higher on the basis various factors are checked such as water, cover, shelter, prey and predator species, etc. After the study the result gives us an outline whether it is good to translocate to that place or not.

Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley

An important wetland around Pokhara Valley with biodiversity richness has recently declared as a part of Ramsar Site on 2nd of February, 2016 on a formal programme on the Bsundhara Park Lakeside, Pokhara. This newly declared Ramsar Site includes total nine lakes out of them seven from Lekhnath Municipality where as two lakes from the Pokhara Sub-Metro municipality and one river ie. Seti  river of Pokhara.
Main objectives to declared this sites as Ramsar Site is to protect  the naturality of the Pokhara valley and to fulfill the basic needs of people around the conservation area through the conservation and utilization of natural resources through proper  management of resources. The area also covered not only water bodies but also conserving the water sources such as river, stream, etc.

Table 1: Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley
(Municipality and wards)
Total Catchment Area (sq. km)
Water Bodies
(sq. km)
Pokhara Municipality
Lekhnath Municipality, 9 & 11
Lekhnath Municipality
Lekhnath Municipality, 3,4 & 6
Lekhnath Municipality, 6
Lekhnath Municipality, 9
Lekhnath Municipality, 4
Lekhnath Municipality, 6
Lekhnath Municipality, 13
Pokhara Seti Catchment
Pokhara Municipality
The total area of the catchment occupy 261.1 sq. km which compromise of water bodies, agricultural land, forest, settlement and  other built-up area  out of which water bodies nearly occupy 3.5% of the total catchment.
Biological Significance
The lake and catchment are provide home to many globally threaten and endemic plants, birds and wetland dependent mammals. Tamrakar (2008) reported 60 aquatic plant in the Pokhara Lake Cluster, which comprises of  16 sub-merged, 4-free floating, 6 rooted floating and rest are emerged plant species. The same study also identified  203 terrestrial plant species with varieties of uses. Rare marsh wild rice Oriza rufipogon is also found around the lake.Some of the threaten plant species found around the lake cluster includes Alstonia scholaris; Apostasis wallichii and Michelia champaca; Asparagus racemosus; Bulbophyllum plyrhiza; Cymbidium iridioides; Dendrobium desiflorum; D. iridifolia; Oroxylum indicum and Papilionantheteres sp.; Oryza rufipogon (wild gene pool of cultivated rice); Tinospora sinensis and monogeneric species like Ceratophyllum demersum, Trapa natans and Typha angustifolia.
There are 168 birds species found around the lake cluster, (Tamrakar, 2008) including endandered, endemic and globally threatened bird species. Out of the 168 bird species, 10 species are included under CITES Appendix while five species fall under various threat categories of the IUCN. Some of the endemic/threatened birds found in the Lake Cluster includes Spiny Babbler (Turdoides nepalensis), Nepal Wren Babbler (Pnoepyga immaculate), Comb duck (Sarkidiorins melantos), Bear's Pocheard (Aythya baeri), Ferruginous Duck(Aythya nyroca) etc.

Refrance:- Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation
IUCN Nepal

Post Originally Published at Notes - Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley

A brief preview on One Horned Rhinocerous

One horned Rhinocerous (Rhinocerous unicornis) is highly threatened Mammals species listed in Appendix I of the Convenction on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). It was categorised under Endanged species by Internationa Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) until it's single population reached to relative recovery in Kaziranga NP (India) and down listed to Threaten in 2008. Five species of Rhinocerous are surviving in the world at present among them three are in Asia namely: greater one horn rhinocerous, javan rhinocerous (Rhinoceros sondaicus and sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) and African rhinoceros are black rhino (Diceros bicornis) and white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum).
Greater One horned Rhino in CNP, Nepal
In past the flood plains of Ganges, Bharmaputra and Indus river nearby the foothill of Indian sub-continent in between Indo-Mynmar border in the East and Shindu river basin (Pakistan) in the West once it is believed spreading throughout but at present one-horned rhinoceros is confirmed in north East part of India and low land of Nepal.
Among the most endangered species in the world Greater One horned Rhinocerous ( Rhinocerous unicornis) was conserved with majore priorities in collabration with the involvement of various conservation partners around the world. Local communities, conservation NGOs, government agencies and the police and army are the contributors for the collective Rhino Conservation Efforts, which begins to give bear a fruit that we are celebrating 3rd zero poaching year (2011, 2014 and 2015) under the Hariyo Ban program conducted in Nepal. Hariyo Ban is named after the popular Nepali Saying "Hariyo Ban Nepal ko Dhan" that means "Green Forest is the Wealth of Nepal". Hario Ban Program main objective was to reduce the threat on Biodiversity on Terai Arc Landscape (TAL) and Chitwan Annapurna Landscape (CHAL), including focal species such as rhino.

Rhinocerous types of large mammals are of great challenge for conservation and it's populations is fluctuating ups and down mainly due to political unrest since 1950 during the period country faced rampant poaching of rhinocerous. It is belived that around more than 800 rhinocerous were present in Chitwan Valley until 1950 which get reduced to less than 100 as early as mid-1960. So, to protect the remaining rhinocerous Government of Nepal declare Chitwan National Park (CNP) as the first National in 1973 and reached population of Rhinocerous 612 in CNP in 2001. Government reintroduce 87 Rhinocerous to Bardia National Park (BNP) and Shuklaphata Wildlife Reserve (SWR) in between 1986 to 2003 under the technical support of National Trust for Natural Conservation (NTNC).

In Chitwan, Rhino were dropped to 372 in 2005 and in Bardia to 31 in 2007 after a decade long armed conflict when rhinos were heavily poached. But since the peace process was iniciated in Nepal Rhino number are recovering well and reached 534 in 2011 and 645 in 2015 at present distributed in Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Bardia and Kanchanpur district.