Rhino Trasnlocation to Shuklaphata

Chitwan National Park is the only dominant Habitat for the one horned rhinocerous in Nepal. They have been under conservation from the local support as well as aids from various conservational agencies. But while they are restricted in a small patch that is only in Chitwan in that large no. there might be to much risk of loss of this valuable species if any unusal clamities occurs.

So, it is equally important to expand its natural habitat as it's to protect it from poaching and illegal trading its organs (esp. horn of rhino). The translocation help in the conservation of the species for the long term as when they are limited to only a small part then its losses heterogeneity in their gene and a superior offspring can't obtained as they becomes genetically weak. The Rhinoceros translocate to another region that might to the Shuklaphata wild life reserve have generated the behaviors for adapting the changing habitat. This widespread types of habitat makes them familiar with the wide range of habitat and can survive in extremities and changing environment.
Rhino translocated from Chitwan NP to Bardia NP

Nepal has trans-located 87 rhinos to Bardia National Park and 4 rhinos in Shuklaphata Wildlife Reseve (now National Park) in 2003 and the rhinos are well adapting in that environment. Before 2003 there were 5 rhinos translocated in Bardia National Park and only one present in Shuklaphata Wildlife Reserve. Now, the conservationist are focused on how rhino population can be increased and they came in conclusion that Bardia and Shuklaphata are the best location habitat for spreading the Rhino Population and conserve the ecology required for it. So, National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) authoritize decide to translocate 5 Rhinos in to Shuklaphata National Park.

Translocation is not the easy task. Translocation does not only holds shifting a wildlife of a habitat to another with the similar characteristic as original habitat to avoid the completion in the original habitat and maintain population of the original place. Before trans-locating a wildlife a deep study has to be done in detail that which cover its all habit, interest, preference and similarity of habitat types should be taken into consideration. Habitat suitability is checked well before we take a bold decision on translocation of that examined species. Habitat suitability index is prepared on the basis of numbering to the site quality. The site quality with ideal condition to the species is numbered higher and regarded higher on the basis various factors are checked such as water, cover, shelter, prey and predator species, etc. After the study the result gives us an outline whether it is good to translocate to that place or not.

Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley

An important wetland around Pokhara Valley with biodiversity richness has recently declared as a part of Ramsar Site on 2nd of February, 2016 on a formal programme on the Bsundhara Park Lakeside, Pokhara. This newly declared Ramsar Site includes total nine lakes out of them seven from Lekhnath Municipality where as two lakes from the Pokhara Sub-Metro municipality and one river ie. Seti  river of Pokhara.
Main objectives to declared this sites as Ramsar Site is to protect  the naturality of the Pokhara valley and to fulfill the basic needs of people around the conservation area through the conservation and utilization of natural resources through proper  management of resources. The area also covered not only water bodies but also conserving the water sources such as river, stream, etc.

Table 1: Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley
(Municipality and wards)
Total Catchment Area (sq. km)
Water Bodies
(sq. km)
Pokhara Municipality
Lekhnath Municipality, 9 & 11
Lekhnath Municipality
Lekhnath Municipality, 3,4 & 6
Lekhnath Municipality, 6
Lekhnath Municipality, 9
Lekhnath Municipality, 4
Lekhnath Municipality, 6
Lekhnath Municipality, 13
Pokhara Seti Catchment
Pokhara Municipality
The total area of the catchment occupy 261.1 sq. km which compromise of water bodies, agricultural land, forest, settlement and  other built-up area  out of which water bodies nearly occupy 3.5% of the total catchment.
Biological Significance
The lake and catchment are provide home to many globally threaten and endemic plants, birds and wetland dependent mammals. Tamrakar (2008) reported 60 aquatic plant in the Pokhara Lake Cluster, which comprises of  16 sub-merged, 4-free floating, 6 rooted floating and rest are emerged plant species. The same study also identified  203 terrestrial plant species with varieties of uses. Rare marsh wild rice Oriza rufipogon is also found around the lake.Some of the threaten plant species found around the lake cluster includes Alstonia scholaris; Apostasis wallichii and Michelia champaca; Asparagus racemosus; Bulbophyllum plyrhiza; Cymbidium iridioides; Dendrobium desiflorum; D. iridifolia; Oroxylum indicum and Papilionantheteres sp.; Oryza rufipogon (wild gene pool of cultivated rice); Tinospora sinensis and monogeneric species like Ceratophyllum demersum, Trapa natans and Typha angustifolia.
There are 168 birds species found around the lake cluster, (Tamrakar, 2008) including endandered, endemic and globally threatened bird species. Out of the 168 bird species, 10 species are included under CITES Appendix while five species fall under various threat categories of the IUCN. Some of the endemic/threatened birds found in the Lake Cluster includes Spiny Babbler (Turdoides nepalensis), Nepal Wren Babbler (Pnoepyga immaculate), Comb duck (Sarkidiorins melantos), Bear's Pocheard (Aythya baeri), Ferruginous Duck(Aythya nyroca) etc.

Refrance:- Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation
IUCN Nepal

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A brief preview on One Horned Rhinocerous

One horned Rhinocerous (Rhinocerous unicornis) is highly threatened Mammals species listed in Appendix I of the Convenction on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). It was categorised under Endanged species by Internationa Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) until it's single population reached to relative recovery in Kaziranga NP (India) and down listed to Threaten in 2008. Five species of Rhinocerous are surviving in the world at present among them three are in Asia namely: greater one horn rhinocerous, javan rhinocerous (Rhinoceros sondaicus and sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) and African rhinoceros are black rhino (Diceros bicornis) and white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum).
Greater One horned Rhino in CNP, Nepal
In past the flood plains of Ganges, Bharmaputra and Indus river nearby the foothill of Indian sub-continent in between Indo-Mynmar border in the East and Shindu river basin (Pakistan) in the West once it is believed spreading throughout but at present one-horned rhinoceros is confirmed in north East part of India and low land of Nepal.
Among the most endangered species in the world Greater One horned Rhinocerous ( Rhinocerous unicornis) was conserved with majore priorities in collabration with the involvement of various conservation partners around the world. Local communities, conservation NGOs, government agencies and the police and army are the contributors for the collective Rhino Conservation Efforts, which begins to give bear a fruit that we are celebrating 3rd zero poaching year (2011, 2014 and 2015) under the Hariyo Ban program conducted in Nepal. Hariyo Ban is named after the popular Nepali Saying "Hariyo Ban Nepal ko Dhan" that means "Green Forest is the Wealth of Nepal". Hario Ban Program main objective was to reduce the threat on Biodiversity on Terai Arc Landscape (TAL) and Chitwan Annapurna Landscape (CHAL), including focal species such as rhino.

Rhinocerous types of large mammals are of great challenge for conservation and it's populations is fluctuating ups and down mainly due to political unrest since 1950 during the period country faced rampant poaching of rhinocerous. It is belived that around more than 800 rhinocerous were present in Chitwan Valley until 1950 which get reduced to less than 100 as early as mid-1960. So, to protect the remaining rhinocerous Government of Nepal declare Chitwan National Park (CNP) as the first National in 1973 and reached population of Rhinocerous 612 in CNP in 2001. Government reintroduce 87 Rhinocerous to Bardia National Park (BNP) and Shuklaphata Wildlife Reserve (SWR) in between 1986 to 2003 under the technical support of National Trust for Natural Conservation (NTNC).

In Chitwan, Rhino were dropped to 372 in 2005 and in Bardia to 31 in 2007 after a decade long armed conflict when rhinos were heavily poached. But since the peace process was iniciated in Nepal Rhino number are recovering well and reached 534 in 2011 and 645 in 2015 at present distributed in Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Bardia and Kanchanpur district.

Do not Worry Whatever the Result Is?

The Result you have obtained doesn't matter and neither it reflects who you will be nor it impacts in your movement ahead with any specific objective in your life to obtain. The result in case if it is not as you wish that does means anything as the resullt as your wish also does not have any means, does it?
Don't worry about exam.

Although the educated people are increasing every year but people are not getting job. Jobless people are increasing in the same ratio as educated people have increased.
What do you think reason behind this?
Isn't it all due to the education system that are prevalent in our nation or many other world wide?
This type of theoritical edcation system is only a systematic way of creating educated unemployee without practical knowledge required to run the day to day human life in a easy and comfortable way.

This system of education is increasing the no. of terrorist and worthless and unskilled manpower by providing the knowlege which never come into practice use throught out the life of the learner which are absolutely other than that actually reqired for the real development of the world.
Thus, the education system should be like giving the knowledge about the various ways to make the life fruitful and successful which is actually the real power of the education.

People are born with their own talent and they have to find out what the talent who owns, unless that is worthless if they don't recognise their talent. They take the path on the force or may not have other choose though have no interest upon it. Even this types of people are suffering from living for other or they are not able to live on with what they have. Suppressing the talent is not good for oneself and for the community. The community may not able to know your talent and changed accordingly. Anything in the beginning is regarded as valuless untill it get eatablished in the society.

Let's take an example if someone interested in singing and if he/she don't get a good environment for singing and proper practice and show their talents in front then a socity may loss a good future singer which is a pride of the community. Only readings books is not the all things it's a small part amongs various ways of learning however studying books word by words killing creativity is not nice but regarded only the way to learn which is totally wrong. The study in institute after a primary or fundamental level should be from the inner willing of the student studying.

Novel Prize winner Rabindra Tagore was a person who had failed SLC standard examination for seven times, world famours film director Stephen Spielberg, the owner of ABC television Peter Jennings, the owner of Apple Company Step Jobs, formal president of United States Harry Truman, the famous comedian of Nepal Hari Bamsha Acharya, etc. are the people who are not good at formal education but they have achieved great success in their life in their respective field of interest that means formal education is not only the requirement to get success in the life.

So, fail in examination doesn't mean you fail in your life rather it create you an oppurtunity to get forward in your life in your own way you have choosed or you prefer the most in your interested field. Thus, I like to say you people who failes in the examination are the luckiest because you don't need to waste your time studing the subject matter you don't like that much and loose your creativeness that you have owned. Insted, it is better to give your time in the matter you have interested the most and do the training that train you the most and make you more skilled in your field you interested in.

If you fail that means you have doing the positive movement towards changed against the university, college and school in order to protected and promotes the individuals creativeness and natural talent you have owned. Don't loss your hope if you fail your examination that doesn't mean your are of no use in life infact you can go in your way you interested the most which is the golden gate for you.
So Cheers!!

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International Women Day

Women have right to live and use rights as same as men do since both are equal and are human. Women are treated as second class citizen and made them deprived of many oppurtunities this type of behaviour is not good by a wise human being to human a part of them themselves. Human states themselves as a wise creatures but doesn't behave that way.

The difference in treatment was since from the development of human civilization. Women stays at home caring childen and preparing foods for children and family while men visits outside in search of food. Then, after generation after generation it has been estableshed as a tradition and the responsibilities handed over based on gender. Women have to look after home and male go outside for either work or in search of food.
While this trends goes on though the women are capable of doing any work outside they are not allowed saying that that is not their work. They have to be limited with in the walls of house. This is totally wrong. Since the time has changed a lot but the people concept are not changing that way that is creating a problems. Women are not getting that oppoutunity though they are capable. It was unjustice to women.
The voice begin to raise against the injustice to women. People were under superstitious belif but with the advancement of development and knowledge all around developed countries women begin to speak about it. For the first time in US women started celebrating National Women day in 1909 and International Women Day begin to celebrate from 1911 in US and Europe developed part of world. To fight aganinst the unequality to women was more effective after second world war in the name of women's right. After the formation of UN the Internaltional Women Day first celebrated by UN was of 1977 which was the first known International Women Day. The Women's Right movement last longer (1948-1998). Since the small group with committed and thoughtful people involve in the movement to make it established in a society it takes a bit longer but bring to the subject of concern.
Nowdays, it is celebrated around more than 100 countries of the world and given official holiday in many of them. 
Women right is the fight for the idea that women should have equal rights with men. Women were deprived of rights like right to property, right to vote, right to work for equal pays, reproductive votes, etc. 
Still today women are not fully secured and in many parts of world the conditionn is worst. 
For the upliftment and to raise voice for voiceless women every year international women's day is celebrated every March 8 with different slogan everyyear.
The slogan for International Women's Day 2017 is "Be Bold for Change"
So, let's get together for the right's for women. 
Education is the basic requirement for providing rights to them. Many girls in rural and urban as well are deprived of formal education. The no. of girls students are less as compare to men's thus unless they obtained the higher education they won't able to get equal oppurtunities as men enjoyed.
In this 21st Century also women are not enjoying the equal oppurtunities as they have to. The women's are deprived of different rights in this or that way. They are not able to freely use the rights as easily as they have to. Its because they have to take responsibility of house as well. 

Is Facebook free in Ncell?

Facebook, a dominant social site with millions of user is being used by many people all around the world whereas Ncell is the telecommunication company that runs in Nepal which belongs to Axita a Malaysian Company before that it was under Telesonaria an European Company, is offering various scheme for increasing its business through brings various packages and free offers.

Last year Ncell declares Wikipedia and Twitter as a free sites to visits through Ncell internet, no data charges for them, which is said that this type of scheme is like promoting some sites against the net neutrality policy so that other better and best new developing sites get difficult to compute with them.

Here come about the Facebook free in Ncell which is not totally while it was declared. It was said that you can view timelines but needs to pay data charge to see a photo and no message or chatting allowed with in free data scheme from facebook application. But most of people said it's not working as it is stated. It is one of the way to fool people as you on your internet it charges your balance if you have balance either by background data or the same so called free sites. There comes another problems together as it also not providing good internet signal so it's even difficult to finish your data pack you have bought in many places. In this period of 3 month it has said Facebook will be free with some closeness might be it under go with huge maintenance. Truly speaking the quality services providing by Ncell is declining these days.

Most of time when you refresh your timeline in android Facebook app you just get the same timeline in a bit changed order which is also possible sometimes when you are out of internet or when you are offline. So, what it means the internet is not working well.

Be sure you are not going to use Facebook free all the time it may not work sometimes it's only an advertisement though you may experience for sometimes someday ago that is different thing. But twitter is till free including Wikipedia on which many people are unfamiliar whereas Facebook is the good source of income through internet. Why did it lose its income through it? There is no way for getting a Facebook free as many people use it and its good income source for them. So, can you call Facebook is free in Ncell? I am sure you would. In fact it is but it's slow sometimes.

How frequently you use Ncell? How much trust do you have over it?

It's up to you I don't use it that much limiting within some site like twitter. You can enjoy Ncell anyway however you need to understand well before using some of the services.  Wish no one get confused onwards as always keep in mind whatever it does is with the profit motive.

Wish we would get best service soon with reasonable cost instead of making a fake advertisement.

Enjoy Facebook free on Ncell using browser and go to facebook site where you can even enjoy chating as well.

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How frequently you simply ignore somebody pretending as if they don't have any value all?
How frequently are you being ignored by other as if there is no existence of yours?

So, what you think is ignorance a good habit or the bad. Actually ignorance is regarded as the bad habit as it directly means that not giving proper attention to the subject matter and circumstances of events. But somewhere else it might be useful as well for that you should already have to determine what things are important for you or say what sorts of suggestion and events are helpful for your personality development. If you are that much conscious about your future so there is no need to stop in every step of your journey when you have already fixed your destination to know something that provides very general and primitive guidelines and giving time to it is just the loss of valuable time on which you can reached to further when moved with any pause.

How easily we ignore most important things in our life without any regret that last for that time being as after some time we get to know it was not good to ignore them at that time. It's become our habit to ignore anything simply though we know it troubles us later. But we dis-valued the importance of events or any important works as we begin to develop the habit of living in the life of current pleasure. The works which provides the current pleasure are very easy to accomplish as our total attention is acquired by the task during going on process. 

Haven't we get trouble when you ignore suggestion from our elder, parents and guardians? Obviously we had experienced this type of incident many times in our long journey of our life since our birth. In childhood we used to ignore everything and get pleasure doing whatever we like.  But later on when we grow up in course of time we begin to listen to parents and we act as directed otherwise we get punished that was the case. The work that we can do couldn't be done as we are constantly in the environment where our guardians says what can we do and don't this action constantly hits our minds and we can't think that the work can be done by any of us.  Thus we underestimates our actual power on listening to them which is the good example for ignorance is better sometimes when something tries you to pull down then encouraging to go ahead.

Now, let's come to the point of ignorance between friends that especially among girls and boys. As per I get to know most ignoring are found to girls than boys. There might be various region behind ignoring that may be they are in journey and they may not like to stop anywhere till reach the destination somewhere else. That means any attention given anywhere may distract from the objectives. Ignoring to familiar friends might be due to they don't try to bring boys to close to them so to maintain some distance in relation and to minimize much closeness as they don't found their life secure with them.

This may varies with people to people so anyone can give any suggestion for this. I appreciates your feedbacks. Have your remaining day happy and Nice.

And I Love Her !!!

Most people experiences falling in love with the opposite sex in different way as it differs persons to persons. As the no. of people in the world are with different genetic character in the same way they also have different habits or ways of bonding between peoples.  But can be categorized in various class.

There may or may not have any specific reasons to have love with someone that can't be expressed with words actually. Love can't be control nor can be stop it growing for someone else. It might be both side and one sided love.

If anyone likes and pleased with one another in their presence or in contact with them then it is both side love and it has higher probability of getting success let's not say 100% sure to be as their might various factors that are taken into consideration but it is true it is the necessary condition to have a successful love story.

In case of single side love their comes two cases that it holds other than when it turns double side love with the interval of time as a party always be faithful towards his love and brings another one in convince.

The two cases might be first one a lover always wants happiness and joy in the life of his/her partner to whom he/she loves so no force others to love them back which is said as a true loves over someone else. In this case the persons who wants better and happiness of other remains in sorrow and unpleasant environment but makes heart stronger to deal with it and tries to show the world he/she is still happy or pleased.

In the next case someone tries to have attention of their loves one to them and they always willing to get close to them through any mean. This sorts of people loves them more to their lovers when they get the attention otherwise after sometimes when they can't get what they willing to get the response back from them then they turns into most hating persons to those whom they have love someone else for some selfish motives.

This shows that you have to understand that what you are at and what you are behaving is it ok to go further with this types of people.  Also it is better to know either the love should be run in equivalent condition or that love should be unconditional so they may not have trouble to much upon which that can be tolerable.

It is said that s/he is good at dancing, singing, playing, studying, etc. so they fall in love with him/her but in reality that might not as you love him/her you may automatically like/love him/her activities though their required many improvement. The most boring things get interesting when that is loved by your lover. That doesn't mean every things s/he do are boring. The love which takes long time to bind then it last longet or become durable. as the crystal forms taking long times forms larger and stonger crystal in the same way the love bounding gets stronger and expands.

The social sites and media carries a negative and unsocial news quicker than a news which carries positive atitute and inspired to be a civilized person. The media and social sites and making focus on wrong doer and highlight them up and provides popularity than talking on issues that binds people togather. Thus, they are also creating an unfavourable environment and weaken the bonding of loves among people. This types of negative influences of technology inspired people quickly changed their mind and never get stayed still. People can't think themselves with their cool mind instead they believe other ones than their loves one. So, try to keep yourself save from such impacts of social sites.

The love one thinks wheather his/her lover is in loves with other or not which is natural and those with this thought loves better than other but too much thoughts regarding his/her loves to other thought he/she didn't.

Here in this article here has been used he/she both subject to make this post equally valuable to both males and females readers.

But in case of me
 I want her,
I miss her


You are the Luckiest !!!

There are thousands of things that adds happiness to our life but we don't think about them well and feel pleasure instead we get worried indicating the things which we don't have.

Why is it important to be pleasured with what you have?

All of know pleasure is obtained when we begin to think we are satisfied with what we have but in reality we ourselves are unable to get pleasured with it as we spends lots of time on thinking about that which we don't have currently or sometimes which is almost impossible to have. So, it is required to get to know about what you have. Begin to count the things which may be the reasons you should happy.

For example we have to be happy we have our loving parents, good social environment, good opportunities to study, good laptop and mobile, close friends, etc. that might be anything. You can have your own personal environment that facilitates you to have a pleasure and luxury life but you or anyone other may have disvalued it. It can be clarify with this example if you have a normal smartphone don't worried thinking that you have a general type of android instead think you have one that many of other may not have as simple as yours.

Many adolescents and adults are facing many problems as they themselves disvalued their quality or talents.  You may not be a good public speaker but you may be a good writer, or a painter, dancer or any other talent you may have. Find your most smart talent and keep improving there is no need to possess the same quality which you are deprived of to be happy. You may have caught what I have mean.

So, let's stop saying I don't have motorbike, car or anything that you can't managed instantly within your current circumstances. I can't do this or that, I can't make good friends, I am not well in English or else, I don't have rich dad or mom, and many more blab la.

Instead say, at least you have this or that which many other don't have, find out what you can do very well. It is not a trouble and get worried on someone else when they leave you or you don't have good relation with them, then just think that's don't matter as it's not only reason of your entire pleasure life and it is also not that much wise to spent your times which takes you nowhere instead think you are free from those boundaries to get freed a bit farther.

Every individual is lucky everyone are the most success one. Everybody are equally qualified and successful as everyone are formed from the most successful and strong sperm cell which reached to ovum first and fertilized to make you. You are selected one out of 3/4 crores of sperm cell so no need to hesitate with few people to express yourself as you have already passed great challenge.
You are lucky and you are the luckiest.

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