Third Year Second Semester

If you in need of syllabus of Third year Second Semester then you can download clicking the link below:
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Course Code
Course Title
Credit Hours (Lecture Hours)
Final theory + Internal theory + Practical = FM
FPE 551
Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)2 (40)30+10+10=50

WME 552
Watershed Management2 (40)30+10+10=50

WME 553
Range Management2 (40)30+10+10=50

PWM 554
Conservation Biology3 (75)60+15+*=75

SFM 555
Forest Management II3 (75)45+15+15=75

SFM 556
Project Management2 (40)40+10+*=50

SFB 557
Advanced Silviculture2 (40)30+10+10=50

SFM 558
Field Training2 (40)********=50

Hi everyone, I am Amrit Devkota. Studying B.Sc. Forestry at IOF, Pokhara Campus. Complete +2 from SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School. I am interested in writing and helping other people through writing. I love natural monuments. Promise to conserve them. I believe in Truth and Hard Working. Simple Living High Thinking.

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