About Me

I am Amrit Devkota a student of B.Sc. Forestry in IOF, Pokhara affiliated to TU.

I love nature and its every aspects. I am very much glad to be one of the student of nature.

Every person are equal so I behaves them all in a similar manner that means I respect equality or in broad sense equity. Misbehaving and troubling other is not my attitude.

I can't get neither too close nor too far from friends circle, don't know whether I posses any limitations like neither initiate to makes somebody close nor accepting other closeness thus I  enjoy alone. This habit repeals most so trying to minimize in coming days.

Be my friends and I would yours.

My ultimate willing is to help everybody, make their work easier through my work. In this site I am trying to collect syllabus, questions and notes from different level students and compile it together so that it would be easier to our coming brother and sister and to us (Me and my friends) as well.

You anybody can mail me and provide any things you think which would better to include in this site and helpful to fulfill the need of students.

Mail to: info@amritdevkota.com.np
Twitter: @amritdevkota777
Skype: amritdev777

Number: 9846622864 (used only when other option are unfavorable)