Peace for Work

It's hard to get a peaceful environment for doing personal works.
Need peaceful environment for effective work.
Do you have peaceful environment to do your personal work? Is your working place comfortable to your work?

The working place or environment is suitable or not that varies with respective to your work you have to perform. For example, you can copy your notes to your notebook listening to music and with some people around that don't disturb you a lot with respect to reading or learning on the same situation.

Many officer in the office can't work in their own way. They are planning to do the work in a way, their boss ordered them to do in other ways somewhat uninteresting and tedious process. If the boss don't have knowledge about the way you did he won't accept yours as he had to become boss of you all. Then boss gives his instruction to other staffs and order to follow as stated as his/her willingness is to remain always higher than the junior staff.

This type of situation not only present in the office only. It's happen in our day to day life and most of us have experienced it every day. Either this may happen to your house or in your hostel or anywhere in your field. When you are full devoted in your work someone asked you to do another work first or the same work in another way.

How do you feel in this situation?

You can't work in peace for a while it's generally happen when you are working in crowed area or when you are frequently asked to do something other than the work you involved in and sometimes some may ask questions frequently and stay with you talking either that matters with your work or not that is ultimately disturbing you. You feel you are not working as you wish that means you are not getting a sound environment to get an efficient output from your work.

At home it may be your brother, sister, son, daughter or your family wants to remain in your close letting you no free time for some creative work which required a peaceful environment.

It's the most challenging problem most of us facing this kind of problems.  We should overcome this problem so that we can get some kind of success through the best result from our efficient work. Otherwise our creativity of creating ideas, opinion & thought would all get ruined.

So, what should we think about?

1. Separate your time for family some specific time when there would be very less chance to get a peaceful environment.

2. Complete other works which are separated for you or the works which are under your responsibilities before sitting down to do something that may be writing, drawing, sketching, or doing any other kind of assignment. So, there would be less chance of getting disturb.

3. Told your parents or family that you required a quite environment to do the work efficiently.

4. If you have a regular visitors then say them that you would remain busy for that interval of time. So, you need not to get out of work until we get something idea for the work or the work completed or portion of it.

Wish you would have peaceful environment to work when you provide peaceful environment to them to do their work. 

Hi everyone, I am Amrit Devkota. Studying B.Sc. Forestry at IOF, Pokhara Campus. Complete +2 from SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School. I am interested in writing and helping other people through writing. I love natural monuments. Promise to conserve them. I believe in Truth and Hard Working. Simple Living High Thinking.

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At home it may be your brother......
Brother comes first haha..