Things you should know you and the Internet

Hello Environment lovers, Here I want to share somethings with you. That it would be better if you have some information about this. I know most of you know all those things mentioned below and I remember among you some of you suggest me to go in IT sector. I this post I try collect some comment mistakes and things you should care about.

Your Email and online Accounts

Your email is your identity, the Best and ever lasting communication system. Most of you think me a silly guy that I write these things. But I had seen such mistakes on some of the peoples that is why I want to write. The common mistake (Generally made by Too sojo manxe) while creating account on some other site you need to provide your Email and Need to select a Strong Password not that of your email login.
I remember a Bachelor passed student providing the same password same as the login password for their email server. He said, "they asked my email and password so I provide."
Don't Forget these Things:

  • Never to set Same password for two different account in different site. You may think your password are saved as Encrypted. Yes they are but It would not be so hard to broke that encryption. How could you trust anyone online.
  • Don't Save password in Browsers for your Sensitive accounts Login. Like Online Banking, your email, your debit Card details.
  • While Login always Check Browser Address bar Be sure that you are on the expected URL.

Think Before you Click.
Phishing (spoofed) Sites

This is the most common way people get access to your account. Those sites looks like a real site and if you login through this password they can get your account details. Just don't forget to Check the Browser address bar to conform the URL is your Expected one. People send message like "Please Like / share this post. My friend is losing with 3 likes" And a link. If you click you need to login. they get what you Need.


Remember some comment features of Browsers. If you login form any Public PC don't forget to Logout or Better way is Clearing the Browsers data. Browsers like Chrome allow to create multi user in a browser so Just create new user do your work and delete it. For Browsing sites those you want to be listed in history Just open Incognito. After you close the browser everything will be cleared. And if you need to some suspected links right click and select Open link in Incognito window.

Key Logger

Key Logger Records every key stocks through keyboard so. Check if any other suspected Software is running. Use Virtual keyboard when ever possible.


I cannot write all the things I wished to write while I started writing. But the only things is just don't get back to learn what ever it is. There is nothing to loose you may can get some things. Update and correction by authors is always accepted. I try my Best to express what I want to inform. Have Good Days!

Hello This is Sagar Devkota. Studying Bachelor of Software Engineering at Pokhara University, NCIT. Open Source Enthusiastic.

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