And I Love Her !!!

Most people experiences falling in love with the opposite sex in different way as it differs persons to persons. As the no. of people in the world are with different genetic character in the same way they also have different habits or ways of bonding between peoples.  But can be categorized in various class.

There may or may not have any specific reasons to have love with someone that can't be expressed with words actually. Love can't be control nor can be stop it growing for someone else. It might be both side and one sided love.

If anyone likes and pleased with one another in their presence or in contact with them then it is both side love and it has higher probability of getting success let's not say 100% sure to be as their might various factors that are taken into consideration but it is true it is the necessary condition to have a successful love story.

In case of single side love their comes two cases that it holds other than when it turns double side love with the interval of time as a party always be faithful towards his love and brings another one in convince.

The two cases might be first one a lover always wants happiness and joy in the life of his/her partner to whom he/she loves so no force others to love them back which is said as a true loves over someone else. In this case the persons who wants better and happiness of other remains in sorrow and unpleasant environment but makes heart stronger to deal with it and tries to show the world he/she is still happy or pleased.

In the next case someone tries to have attention of their loves one to them and they always willing to get close to them through any mean. This sorts of people loves them more to their lovers when they get the attention otherwise after sometimes when they can't get what they willing to get the response back from them then they turns into most hating persons to those whom they have love someone else for some selfish motives.

This shows that you have to understand that what you are at and what you are behaving is it ok to go further with this types of people.  Also it is better to know either the love should be run in equivalent condition or that love should be unconditional so they may not have trouble to much upon which that can be tolerable.

It is said that s/he is good at dancing, singing, playing, studying, etc. so they fall in love with him/her but in reality that might not as you love him/her you may automatically like/love him/her activities though their required many improvement. The most boring things get interesting when that is loved by your lover. That doesn't mean every things s/he do are boring. The love which takes long time to bind then it last longet or become durable. as the crystal forms taking long times forms larger and stonger crystal in the same way the love bounding gets stronger and expands.

The social sites and media carries a negative and unsocial news quicker than a news which carries positive atitute and inspired to be a civilized person. The media and social sites and making focus on wrong doer and highlight them up and provides popularity than talking on issues that binds people togather. Thus, they are also creating an unfavourable environment and weaken the bonding of loves among people. This types of negative influences of technology inspired people quickly changed their mind and never get stayed still. People can't think themselves with their cool mind instead they believe other ones than their loves one. So, try to keep yourself save from such impacts of social sites.

The love one thinks wheather his/her lover is in loves with other or not which is natural and those with this thought loves better than other but too much thoughts regarding his/her loves to other thought he/she didn't.

Here in this article here has been used he/she both subject to make this post equally valuable to both males and females readers.

But in case of me
 I want her,
I miss her


Hi everyone, I am Amrit Devkota. Studying B.Sc. Forestry at IOF, Pokhara Campus. Complete +2 from SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School. I am interested in writing and helping other people through writing. I love natural monuments. Promise to conserve them. I believe in Truth and Hard Working. Simple Living High Thinking.

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