Back again Amrit

Hello Every one. Once I was active in this blog and had in break for a bit longer as I was busy in my new site but now I decide to take them together so lets have some post.
We would be with you again.

Hope you visitors would suggest what would make it more better this site and what content should it include can be decided wisely if a kind suggestion would obtained from my good wishers.

I have thought to develop it as a unique and profitable site to young groups.

The targeted group is studying group who are full of curiosity and found of travelling.

Any of you can provide your any reading material or report you have prepared and your visiting experiences our team would help you to publish here in this site.

If you have suggestion and something to share please don't hesitate to mail in:

Hello This is Sagar Devkota. Studying Bachelor of Software Engineering at Pokhara University, NCIT. Open Source Enthusiastic.

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