My Story to Rara Lake

Make your dream to Rara Lake come true.
I have reached to Rara lake last April about 7 month ago from the day today. I was thinking I would write it on my blog before but I couldn't due to various reason. Today I am writing as my friends (Bikash Baral) asked to share the experience to the Rara lake, so that it would be easier to my those friends and other viewers as well. I am going to mention every things I remembered.

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Me and my friend Divus Gurung were planning to go to Rara lake before our second semester exam.
I have to mention we two are from IOF(Institute of Forestry), Pokhara Campus, Pokhara.
We bought 2 tickets (Rs 1000 per each in that time) to Birendranagar the day before our exam ends on 16th April. That means the bus begin to heads towards Birendranagar at 1:00 PM next day there is no bus available after 1PM the next day.
But we get a problem our theory Exam runs 8-10 AM in the morning and the practical exam is expected to happen in 11AM but notice received of 12PM. 
The external Examiner on that exam of Botany was my dear friend Ankit Bastakoti's father but I don't get so much happy as I should be because I am worrying about to reach the bus on time.
My turn came first because I am around first(4th) because of alphabetical order but my friend get stock (21th). First required to complete given practical and take a viva which I have completed in time. Then, I went to Bus park even I don't know which bus we have to go as bus no. was not fixed previous day. I took bus no. and its around 1 but he was till in exam hall. He mention me later he completed practical in 5 min., Viva took longer time.

Day 1st
Sagar Subedi help him to lift him to Buddha chowk and also to be to bus park before in his bike we would like to thank him very much. Due to traffic jam he(Divus) was able to get the bus otherwise the bus staff were not willing to stop the bus after the time, so, thank to that circumstances that make us reached to bus in time.
Due to insufficient time I forget lots of things I have to bring thanks god he has brought in spite of late timing. It gets evening on reaching to Chitwan. The bus get to Birendranagar through Chitwan but other can also go through Syangja but we were not wiling to wait next. There it stops about 2 hrs loading various goods that's not interesting.We choose the night bus to save time and money as well truly speaking. We take Dinner in Butwal so far I remember. We don't get well sleep must of us experience the same during night travelling. In some mid-night time we get wake up when it stops either for biological brake or checking in National parks in Banke and Bardia. When us in a sleep mode we found bus stopping most of time but reached to Birendranagar around 8AM next day.

Day 2nd
We had a contact with a brother at Birendranagar, Surkhet but he was busy that time so we decide to visit Bulbulae Tal. We went there, there was a ticket system so we take tickets Rs. 10 to each I think.
We don't get pleased with the condition of the lake it was not well managed and not beautiful as its popularity. It was full of garbage. I request you would better not to visit unless any managed have done to it. We take some photos hiding dirts but parks are a bit bitter. We had to spent some time but couldn't and get out of there and begun to wander around. We walked along highway as we get off before bus park reached. We show building of Mid-western( Madya Paschimanchal) University under construction.We take breakfast and after long waiting we met the brother. With talking with him he couldn't go with us to Rara and there is no suitable to stay with him that day as he stayed in rent and narrowed to live.
We went to bus park to understand the timing of bus to Rara(not direct to Rara). The staffs of bus management committee told us one night stay in way is compulsory as no bus is allowed to travel in night as there was strick checking of police due narrow and terrifying way to Karnali. The route from Birendranagar to either Jumla or Mugu is named as Karnali Highway. There we get to know the bus departure to either Sinja ( a place at Jumla, a way to Rara,a place where Nepali language originated) or Jumla ( Jumla Khalanga, headquater of Jumla district as well as whole Karnali Zone) at 4 PM this day or 8 AM next day. We decide to take ticket of the same day 18th April as we have to spent 1 night in a way either we go this day or the next. We took ticket for Sinja as we focused to reach Rara first but we were in confusion most of time either go to Jumla and went to Rara by trekking or from Rara to Jumla treaking. However, we had made conclusion to trek to Rara from Sinjha about 1 day long according to people around there but some insisted that we couldn't.
We went to brother's room. He has a nice small family, he had got a lovely daughter and named her Kristena (heared English name to Nepali Daughter not first time but I get suprised). After having lunch we made him visit popular visiting sites, he told us its better to go to Dauti Bajae Temple. So, we did that trip, we got to know that is the most popular religious sites in that region or listed under main religious sites of Nepal. We prayed for joyful trip to Rara. We have also reached to Birendranagar's ghantaghar around which a park was developed this too was not well managed but we gather some joys. We enters with ticket Rs. 50 to each. We climbed up the stairs of Ghantaghar tower from where we can see entire Birendranagar. There was a Ostrich pair kept to show the visitor, that was first time I see the Ostrich so close in real. We had also walked along the way of Surkhet airport I have just gone to forest to mention about it. Brother went to Buspark after Khaja with us and blessed us for our nice trip. We thanked him and stayed aside in a small park nearby Buspark till its get time to go. Finally, our longer awaiting ends, we have also stayed on bus for over 15/20 min. more than time stated in ticket. It's our first experienced to visit so far only two of us. We enjoyed the journey alot. We were tried of sleeplessness of previous day. We didn't have to travel in night that night. Bus stopped at Patali khola (Dailekh) where we spent that night. There people around called you in their respective house to stay saying that they have mobile charging facilities. There not required to pay for sleeping, you have to pay only for your dinner. Though they won't happy if you don't take meat as they are not serving you in free of cost, think that it's a kind of service oriented business. There were not proper toilets not to talk about bathroom. It's too cold than Birendranagar.
Don't forget to take warm clothes which I felt a shortage of during the visit and mobile battery backup. You may not get contact with families for 3/4 days so inform earlier otherwise family get in trobles the same things happened during our visit. Sky phone or NTC on small device works properly than on Android in a little signal. The price for simple veg meal is Rs. 150 per head.

Day 3rd
We begun our trip further ahead, we were full of curiosity about the Rara Lake. We were willing to view its beauty with own eyes in front of us. We had heard its beauty a lot but were not able to know exactly how it was. We have talked with locals people there most of rich people have home in village and either at Birendranagar or at Nepalgunj. They only went in special occasion or have specific works and some of them owning Hotel in trekking route get to and fro for business purpose.
We have our morning meal at Manma Bazzar (the headquater of Kalikot district). Everything around us were new to us so we feel so much fun with that. Noone on that may had get that pleasure than two of us did. The most memorable way was that bus journey to Karnali through the Karnali Highway. It was made pitched but since the way is one way its more difficult while two vehicles from opposite side get met in a narrow route or corner or in mode. Somewhere there is hardly a bus wide way through which when travelled everyone once remember the god and prayed him for saving their life. Though the way was in process of widening the construction works are carried very slowly it is also because due to its geographical structure and more than that the concerned body is not active. The advice during travelling through this route when I required to provide keep calm and enjoy around. Around 4:30 or 5:00 PM we reached to Nagma ( a place at Kalikot from where the route divides into two one to Jumla Khalenga and another way to Sinja to Gamgadi of Mugu). Rara lake lies in Mugu district.
The bus staff give back money and told they could not go to Sinja that's because the passenger no. is less we thought at the begining but we were wrong the hotel owner with company with bus staff they tries to stop the visitor there. We were already in dilemma this makes us more we decide to move towards the Jumla Khalanga as a bus would go after some time. But around 7 or 7:30 with lots of people forced it is said that a bus would go to Sinja. We are expressing our dilemma and some sorts of interest to go to Sinja first one brother heard that from back of our sit and told us his four friends has just arrived from Nepalgunj and are going to Sinja thus you two better go with them. When we heard that we feel Ohu! We also thought how they were ? Would we suit with them ? Anyway we have to go so we quickly get off that bus and take ticket of the bus to the Sinja. For information its better to mention the way from Nagma to Jumla Khalanga is the continuation of pitched road but towards the Sinja its graveled thus fair to Jumla Kalanga was Rs. 200 and to Sinja was Rs. 250 at that time it may differ these days not higher it may get lower.
We reached Sinja around 10:30 to 11PM in around mid-night we two take a separate room and they four take next. In our room their was another stranger too from Khaptad he was travelling to Mugu for some his work purpose. We had had our meal and have a sound sleep to relax tired body in jumping bus or say dancing bus.
Me at Sinja Bazzar standing in the way to Gamgadi (Mugu)

 Day 4th
After taking morning breakfast and standing in a line for turn by turn in a restroom we begin our trekking. We were deciding to trek only two of us but now we were six and its more pleasant now. The more people in difficult way the more easier it would be to pass away the route. We were fond of walking till it was horizontal distance we were covering long distance until when we reach to the foot  of the hill and begin to walk a little up within 150-200 m we got tired we can't walk normally. We kept on moving ahead slowly. Still we can't move in slow movement and had to take rest every 20-30 min interval. when we leave Sinjha it was about 7 AM and we were told that we would reach a place where we can have meal at about 10 AM. Then I experienced that I was not like that before as I had walked with loads in my back uphills when I was in village that also in small age. The more I grew the more weaker I experience or say that more lazy I became. I can't explain how horrible situation I had at that time all my friends walked faster than me however they may slow in comparison to others or may be with you. In that steep hill the breathing rates gets higher than it can be controlled so get tired in very 10/15 steps.
To reduce the tiredness and faster rates of breathing during climbing hills we need to drink sufficient water. Take some dry food with you that give you some instant energy. It is not recommended to take beverage during climbing up the hills if any one else has the habit of taking such drinks. If it is taken for the purpose of entertainment shift this way of getting pleasure into the another way so that you can get to your destination easily and quickly.
It is also required to instruct in case if any one obey not to put off clothes as you fell warmer during climbing uphills as you by get warms inside but your body gets cooler and in need of warm. If clothes put off for longer period you would be caught by common cold and other common cold diseases or problems its not quite good to instruct to Doctors as they are more concern about their and other health.
Around 12 PM we reached to a small cottage where we have our morning lunch. The food was not prepared as no any information was reached their as it should be told by hotel owner in Sinjha. That may due to network problem as now signal received at that cottage and have to reached in top of hill to get the message but he can't that day. After spending around 2 hrs in that cottage with lots of rest before and little after meal. Then, we took group photo and moved forward. unfortunately we can't make our destination that day. We tired a lot and its dark when we reached in Mugurara. There was more 2 hours journey to reach Rara Lake but we are not in condition of walking ahead. One of our friends got problems in walking as his leg gets injured. Although there is short uphill but takes 2/3 hrs to us after that its downhill we even can see hill from top of hill. If we had walked smoothly without getting problem we would had reached Rara that day.
In evening other four friends decides to have local cock meat so we joined them. Its cost Rs. 3000/-. Where we live that night was managed as home stay. All of us take a single room which cost 200/- and simple dice of dal bhat cost 250/- so far I remember. It was too cold during Baisakh too. We stay around fire talk with house owner. During winter that place covered by snow so they reared buffalos for only six month for milk, they are deciding to buy for next 5/6 month. We get to around 10 and have sound sleep to have sound rest.

Day 5th 
Having tea we begin to walk around 7 AM its was not that much difficult as previous days but as we waked a bit farther we take longer time although it gently slope and track stretched ahead in almost same elevation. Our friend is not get perfectly will so with him it takes more minutes. It's after 2 hours or a bit more we reached on one edge of lake. Then our feet stops in every few hundred meter distance to get close with Rara Lake. That was most memorable time of all that long visit. You may probably amazed by freshness of the water, crystal clear water layer above pebbles with fish visible, green hills surrounding lakes all surrounding all at a time gives pleasure. No one I guess would get tired of spending much more hours with Rara. All the tiredness and pain all would gone just seeing Rara infront of you. Rara would appear so close all of sudden like it's magical while you take a last turning from the forest before getting head to head with the Angel of Heaven - Rara. There are some wooden structure made to sight Rara lake from a height. You would spent some time there as well when you reached Rara lake once. There is only one Hotel called Green Hotel in the periphery of Rara Lake. Establishing hotel inside National Park is illegal however this hotel used to a canteen/cafeteria for serving Nepal Army as well as National Park staff. However, this hostel is used as a shelter to the visitor this days and get crowded during tourism season that is during dry season after extreme coldness. We book two room in hotel and kept our luggage there. With some rest we take lauch there and enjoy whole day in the bank of Rara. After midday the atmosphere there was a windy and lake have view of ripples. The cool air fresh air from Rara which I was inhaling which like a dream is turning into reality. 

Day 6th
Sun rising scene was the most amazing that we were able to experience there in the morning. Many people's eyes were directed towards sun rising spot before it rise until it gets higher and higher and brighter and brighter. Collecting lots of experience visiting beautiful spot on earth and accumulating lots of pleasure we need to move ahead although we like to spent more time with Rara. We take breakfast in the lap of Rara before leaving and it came the time to say goodbye to Rara with the though I would be here next day sometime in future. We keep looking back upto when we see the lake but after a while we entered into pine forest and we get departured from Rara Lake. My story to Rara Lake had been over but our travel continues towards Gumghadi (headquater of Mugu district) then return to Nagma stay there that day and planned to visit Jumla Khalenga next day and the day after that day we planned to return to Nepalgunj from where we would catch bus to Pokhara.

Visit Rara. You won't regret.
Make Visit Rara Year 2075 Success!

Hi everyone, I am Amrit Devkota. Studying B.Sc. Forestry at IOF, Pokhara Campus. Complete +2 from SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School. I am interested in writing and helping other people through writing. I love natural monuments. Promise to conserve them. I believe in Truth and Hard Working. Simple Living High Thinking.

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Its incomplete and I am going to finish within somedays.


Is there any road till the lake to ride a motorcycle? Do foreign need permit to reach Rara?


There is no permit to take motorcycle upto the lake. Foreign absolutely need to take permit to reach in Rara Lake.


We are waiting for it to get completed! Hope to see the whole story soon.
Suggestion: Although, the story is important... it would have been great if you had done proofreading before posting.


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