Happy Life Formula

Life is happy if you take it as a matter of happiness and it become worst if you take it as a matter of trouble. Many people are not happy in this world because they only observed troubles or obstracles which may occurs due to various reasons.

People have a misconcept that once a person sinks in the pond of sorrow they don't think life can be turn into happy state again.

Those who thought they are all bounded by trobles and it is impossible to turn their life again into state of pleasure or happy state are the wrong people as you can made the life much better and happier than before.

I will try to share some of the tips in this article as far I know which might be helpful to you to turns your boring days towards the happy days and eventually your life into more pleasant and joyful life.

Happiness is the state of mind. If your mind is in the state of pleasure then you can felt a pleasant life.

So, you need to keep your mind in state of happiness.

What  should you do to keep your mind in state of happiness?
There are some ways through which it is helpful to fix to your state of mind to keep it in state of happiness.

Here, are some which will be explained.

1) Be in state of calmness:

If you are restless and your mind loaded with various problems associated with your work or with the circumstances you live in then the first thing you have to do is try to remain in the calm area away from these all if possible for short time around half hours daily or a day in a week out of these all unpleasnt circumstances and situation.

Make your mind fresh or try to keep it cool in state take fresh water time to time to keep you fresh. Smile to everyone.

Don't let your mind to think negative to anyone else. You have to respect the success of people around you. Competition is on yourself if you win youself each day after day you would finally reached to destination instead of focusing to down others.

Make a habit of taking fresh clean drinking every morning and before bed and 3/4 times during day time. Sufficient water makes your brain fuctioning well and help you thinks rationaly.

2) Make sure your aim:

Do work as per your interest. Don't follow other the way they move may be perfect to them but not to you. Make your own way to move ahead so that you don't need to worry on your work you have completed.

Your every action should be directed towards your aims. Each of your action should contribute for achieving although that may be small but the change should be positive and inspiring to move ahead.
Spending times on other activities might loss your time and wealth which would be difficult to overcome it.

If it is already late to get into a track it is better to decide to take a right path as it is better to do late than doing never.

Always keeps the things that inspired you to move on towards your aim in a place you regularly can observed so that it help you to recall your dream. And it is also better to share your good friends about your doing and your progress as well that would help you to get some feedback that would helpful to carry out that action in a different and easier way.

3) Make yourself a determinant Person:

Don't get distract by other people, while moving ahead. There are many distraction comes in life in different forms which you have to recognize before it harm to us on moving ahead,

You may get good oppurtunity which seems more profitable and availble easily without hard labour so you may miss your tract and loss your dreams.

Happiness is not lies in achieving something, it is when travelling with struggle to get some mission accomplished.

The life time is sufficient for achieving any goal if you focused in towards the goal and work accordingly otherwise the life time is too short even to achieve a small goal.

4) Happy with success of Other:

If you happy in other success than you would get good support from them. It is like Tit for Tat.
People won't support you or celebrates your success if you ignore theirs.

Whatever you do should based on win win thereom i.e. all people around you as well as you will get success so that type of success is sustainable and long term profitable.

If you don't like the success done by other than you only involve in making the person down, your movement towards mission would retarded or stop moving forward instead it retard from your initial position.

The compitition is with in you keep on compititing within yourself. The main reason of unhappiness is comparing personal progress with other infact which is incompariable.

The day when you left to be unpleasant on other people progress then your life you get happy in reality.

We have many things to keeps us happy but we always thinks about what we don't have. For example you have 99 things you have to keep you happy but you get sad and become unhappy in absent of one things. You may have everthing for day to day life but may not have a car and you are sad for that, you may not have a motorcycle(bike), a good friend, or anything else. Forget what you don't have it would be with you when the time turns in favour of you. Be happy there are many reason you can be happy. You have eye to see, hand to do works, family to share problems, friends helps in trouble, etc.

Act positivly.

Be positive.

Hi everyone, I am Amrit Devkota. Studying B.Sc. Forestry at IOF, Pokhara Campus. Complete +2 from SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School. I am interested in writing and helping other people through writing. I love natural monuments. Promise to conserve them. I believe in Truth and Hard Working. Simple Living High Thinking.

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