New Year 2074 B.S.

The New Year 2074 B.S. is being celebrated all over Nepal, India and people of Nepal all over the world as it is nationally used Era. It is called a Vikram Samvat. In short V.S. or B.S.

Vikram Samvat was started in 58/57 B.C. which is also known for Hindhu Calender. The Era was named after the King Vikramaditya.

Vikram samvat is 56.7 years faster then the Gregorian Calender. This Year 2074 B.S. starts in 2017 A.D. and ends in 2018 A.D. The year in Vikram Samvat starts in around mid of April of current running year of Gregorian Calender and ends in around mid of April of next year of Gregorian Calender.

The First Month of Vikram Samvat is Called Baisakh (Vaisakh). Then, Jestha, Ashard, Shrawan, Bhadra, Ashwin, Kartik, Mangsir, Poush, Magh, Falguan and Chaitra are the month preceeding onwards.

The first day of the Year that is 1st of Baisakh is celebrated with joy. In Bhaktapur it is celebrated with conducting Bisket Jatra.

In Nepal, Rana Rulers made Vikram Samvat as their official calender.

Classical Vikram Samvat uses a lunar months and solar sideral year. As 12 lunar month does not matches with solar sideral year so, some correctional month is added or subtracted occasionally.

In addition to the day of months it also includes the lunar day (thithi) in the calender based on the position of moon with respect to sun. The lunar day may start and end in different part of the day. There are 15 lunar days before full moon and 15 lunar days before new moon. The length of lunar day may varies from 19 hours to 26 hours.

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